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Legal Practices are one of our SPECIAIZED areas of I.T. Support.

Having served dozens of Law Offices from the Independent Lawyer through Large, Multi-Specialty Legal Firms, understanding this area of specialized services and how they operate ensures comprehensive and experienced network support. We are familiar with most Practice Case Management Software and Network Hardware, and Office Interworking's. A standard operating methodology, usually applies to all similar practices, regardless of their size.

From Consultations and New Client Intake through Active Client status and Closed Cases, your Computer Network is the backbone of your practice.

Front Office and Reception:  For most practices this includes scheduling, card scanning, multi-extension phone systems (VoIP), and client transfer to your back office.

Since this area is your practices' first stop for clientele, ensuring that work stations, phones, printers, scanners, and all network associated devices are in perfect working order is vital.



Back Office Procedures: For most practices this includes Secretarial, Paralegal, Attorney Assistants, Accounting, General Management, Client Document Management, Conference Room, and of course The Attorneys.

There you will find- Desktop Hardware (computer, local printer), Shared Devices (network scanners and printers),  Shared Network Data Resources from the Physical Servers and/or Cloud Servers, Network VoIP Phones, Server Room, and more.  Again, ensuring that all Network Affiliated Hardware and Software Resources are in perfect working order is essential TO YOUR SUCCESS AND OURS.



This is rarely handled by any "Nerd Force", or "Mr. Computer Repair".


Dealing with advanced Networks using Servers, Smart Switches, Essential Software, Network Drive and Hardware Shares, Managed Remote Access Routing, Voice over IP Hardware and alike, requires Highly Qualified and Certified Network Administrators.


Technicians experienced in your business type unfortunately are usually afforded at a higher cost rate. For us, this is NOT the case! JNE Technologies finds that our Specific Experience lends us the opportunity to provide services to your specialty business at a MUCH LOWER than average cost. This is achieved through minimized time spent Troubleshooting, Identifying and Rectifying any issues that occur anywhere within your network.


We offer several Support Plans customized to your network and budget.


Do not continue to let standard network service providers RIP YOU OFF!


Call us today and start saving on your I.T. Support. Schedule a FREE walkthrough of your practice and YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT OUR AFFORDABILITY AND ASTOUDED BY OUR KNOWLEDGE, GUARUNTEED!


We are HIPAA compliant and CERTIFIED.

Legal I.T. Matters

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